May 22, 2013

Breaking Ground by Mrs. Blackburn

Sixth grade students helped clear weeds in preparation for a butterfly garden at Cordell Elementary. Students will be participating in a service learning project that focuses on making a positive environmental change while adding beauty to the school.
 Sixth graders will research information on learning how to maintain a garden that will attract and be beneficial to monarch migration, as well as butterflies native to Oklahoma. Along with physically doing the garden labor, students will fufill project related objectives in language arts, social studies, technology, science and math. Students will become citizen scientists, tracking the monarch butterfly migration each fall and spring as the monarchs travel to and from Mexico. Students will read and write about monarch butterfly life cycle, ecology, habitat and conservation needs.
 One goal of teachers, LeeAnn Blackburn, Betsy Simpson and Diane Igo is for students to seek official Monarch Waystation certification for Cordell Elementary. Principal, Alan Hull provided funds to begin the project. This enabled planting to be established when monarchs migrate this fall.
The teachers have applied for an Academic Foundation Grant for tools, plants, mulch and literature for the project.
The group would like to welcome the community to watch the progress of the garden, as well as accept donations of garden tools and gloves for students to use.