June 25, 2013

Creating a safe haven for my caterpillar by Mrs. Simpson

Using tulle, embroidery hoop, and a bungee cord to protect my caterpillar

View of caterpillar as seen through the tulle.
Because my parsley was planted in a pot and so tall, I had to become creative to insure that my caterpillar was protected from birds.  Mrs. Blackburn came to my rescue when she shared how she had used tulle and embroidery hoops to make a caterpillar cage.
I began by attaching the tulle to an embroidery hoop, and then wrapped it loosely around my pot overlapping the open sides.  Using a bungee cord I was able to secure the tulle around the pot. I hung the finished product  on a shepherd's hook as the final step in creating a safe haven for my caterpillar.