June 3, 2013

Gutter Problem By Mrs. Blackburn

There are two gutters that drain into the bed. It would be ideal if we could gather the rain water for use on the garden. We are looking for ideas on how to do so. Our immediate problem is keeping the rush of water from the gutter from washing out the new plants.

Temporarily, we placed two flat pavers sided by side and covered them with seashells. The storms tonight will test our solution.

We like the idea of using shells in the garden. To become a Certified Monarch Waystation we must provide a water source for the butterflies. There are several large shells that will hold tiny pools of water.

Fun Fact: Mrs. Simpson's shells were from Galveston, Texas, and Mrs. Blackburn's from Topsail Beach, North Carolina.

**Update 6/12/13 After two heavy rains our shells were still in place and no plants were washed out. I love the way the water holds in the shells, inviting butterflies for a drink.

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