June 30, 2013

Unexpected Guest for Dinner..........by Mrs. Simpson

Caterpillar #3

Caterpillar #3 is an unexpected dinner guest.
I decided to stock up on my supply of parsley.  After all, one never knows when one will have an unexpected guest for dinner.  I was pleasantly surprised to find caterpillars on my new supply  of parsley.  Not just one but four pairs of eyes staring back at me through those parsley leaves. What luck!!  Ohhh.... but how my luck soon changed.
Caterpillars are such big eaters and  thinking that they would stay with their food source, I took a chance on leaving them uncovered  while I searched for more parsley.  Not a good idea!!  Upon returning, I found that I only had 2 left. This is a photo of one of them. I gave Mrs. Blackburn the other one to care for. "Keep your cage closed, Mrs. Blackburn." 
Lesson learned?? Yes, Never leave your caterpillar uncovered while searching for food. 

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