July 2, 2013

Caterpillar has Attached and Formed a Chrysalis by Mrs. Simpson

Second caterpillar hatching station

My 3rd and most recent caterpillar has attached itself to a branch placed inside this hatching station.
Based upon what I have read, he is in the pre-pupa stage.  Thanks again to an idea from Mrs. Blackburn, I used a mesh laundry bag with drawstring to enclose my caterpillar.  No more leaving it uncovered and exposed to the elements.

Pre-pupa stage (June 30)

Compare the two photos above.  Do you see how the caterpillar has come away from the branch?
And the next  day, what do you think I found? A chrysalis had formed before I knew it.  See the picture below.

Chrysalis (July 1)
The chrysalis is brown like the branch to which it is attached. The chrysalis can be either brown like this one or green depending upon its surroundings. The string of silk that you see was spun by the caterpillar and serves as a safety line to hold the chrysalis to the branch.  And now the caterpillar is going through many changes inside the chrysalis.  It is in the process of becoming an adult butterfly.  In 1-2 weeks, the butterfly should begin to emerge,  and  I will wait patiently.

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