August 27, 2013

My Discoveries by Makenzie

When I was at my family's farm, I discovered lots of butterflies and caterpillars. They were in oak trees beside the road. Because we are learning about butterflies at school, I wanted to bring some to share with my class.

I also found milkweed growing in the field. Milkweed attracts butterflies. I brought some for the sixth grade butterfly garden. 

What kind of butterfly is this? Be the first to correctly identify if for five bonus points. Email Mrs. Blackburn the link to prove your identification guess.

5 Points Awarded To:
Makenzie Hougland, 6-1

According to Marilyn Stewart at Wild Things Nursery, this plant Makenzie brought is called Snow on the Mountain or Euphorbia marginata. It is an annual and doesn't transplant well.  Lots of pollinators use it. 

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