September 23, 2013

Spotting Caterpillars and Another Surprise by Grace and Unknown Author From 6-2

Recently at the butterfly garden, Trevor spotted some caterpillars that we thought were Monarch caterpillars. They turned out to be Queen caterpillars. The Queen caterpillars have two sets of fake antenna. We went back the next day to check on them and they were gone. We also found a tiny, brown toad. It was about the size of a quarter. 

September 22, 2013

Water Leak Mystery Solved by Kaylie, Kyda and Lexie

Each day we watered our butterfly garden there would be a pond in the hallway by the fifth grade lockers. This happened more than once. The maintenance men weren't positive where it was coming from. They finally figured out that the water was traveling through a crack in the concrete all the way down the hall to the fifth grade lockers. They filled the hole with styrofoam and some gooey, white stuff. We started watering again and we haven't had any more problems. 

September 20, 2013

Symbolic Migration by Mrs. Blackburn

Our sixth grade classes are participating in the 18th annual Symbolic Monarch Butterfly Migration across North America. Over 60,000 students in the U.S. and Canada create symbolic butterflies and send them to Mexico for the winter. Children in Mexico who live beside the monarch's winter sanctuaries protect the butterflies and send them north in the spring. Through the Symbolic Migration, children across North America are united by the monarch butterfly and celebrate its spectacular migration. They learn authentic lessons of ambassadorship, conservation and international cooperation. Can you find us on Journey North's Symbolic Migration Map?

We took photos of our symbolic monarchs before dropping them in the mail. 

6-3 Class Butterfly

6-2 Class Butterfly

6-1 Class Butterfly 

Releasing Black Swallowtails by Kamdyn

Once again we had another wonderful release here at Cordell Elementary School. It was nice getting to see the butterfly up close as it was drying it's wings. It was a beautiful sight watching the black swallowtail butterfly flutter it's large, impressive wings around all of us, showing us some butterfly love. It is crazy knowing that this butterfly was a caterpillar just the other day.  


September 19, 2013

Students Enjoying Garden Before School by Mrs. Blackburn

Sponsors Mrs. Blackburn, Mrs. Igo and Mrs. Simpson get such a thrill looking out of the windows in the fifth and sixth grade hall each morning and seeing students checking out the butterfly garden before entering the building.

Monarchs Have Been Here and More by Mrs. Blackburn

Mrs. Simpson was weeding and ran across four Monarch caterpillars feeding on our Tropical Milkweed and Asclepias Tuberosa. Our sighting should appear on the Journey North Migration Map soon. 

Our Passion Vine has grown rapidly since Terry Igo designed and added our trellis to the garden.

Besides Monarch and other butterflies, our butterfly garden has become the perfect habitat for some other creatures. Mrs. Simpson and I were transplanting our Wild Senna and this salamander was hiding down in the soft, wet dirt under the plants. Brave Mrs. Driskill captured him with bare hands so she could share the find with her fourth grade, science students.